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Electric Fan industry was established before the inception or Pakistan having industrial life of more than 70 years .Now around 300 manufacturing units have been established and playing significant role in the socio-economic development or the country. Also become a primary source of employment generation and lot of other segments are the beneficiaries on being the pare of supply chain fur instance Vendors, Suppliers, Service Providers, Distributors, Dealers etc.

Pakistan’s fan industry is mainly clustered in two major cities namely, Gujrat, Gujranwala. And 98% of the country‘s production is centered at Gujrat and Gujranwala. The industry produces, on average, 10 million fans a year with an estimated value of Rs. 18 billion. Out of the total production, approximately 32% fans consist of pedestals, 5% brackets and the remaining 63% are ceiling fans. Fan manufacturing belongs to the light engineering industry category, and is one of the industries that existed at the time of independence. We have categorized the fan industry in Gujrat and Gujranwala as a cluster; since there is a geographical concentration of the fan industry within which firms, and other actors in the spatial economic system are formally or informally interlinked, through their activities. This cluster offers the advantage of cutting the cost of production and complementarity of products. Moreover, the labor-division network in the cluster positively stimulates the diffusion of knowledge and information in the local industry.

The Electric Fan is being rated as one of the most emerging product, which can make significant contribution to the export revenue. It is a matter or immense importance that non-traditional export-oriented sector like Electric Fan has the tremendous potential to penetrate in the international market and become a most reliable source to earn precious foreign exchange for the country. Besides that in the Domestic market Fan Industry is holding 98% market share because or demand based product development. Manufacturing or different categories of Fans in metal and plastic is also one or important factor making this sector most dynamic and versatile. Now Electric Fans Sector is total indigenous, except some of core raw material not being manufactured locally.

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